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Programs and Services


Joslin Elite Hockey Training strives to provide superior service throughout its on-ice skill development sessions. Whether it is in a personal 1-on-1 format or a larger group session, Joslin Elite Hockey Training will use specially developed and proven techniques to help players improve on an individual or group level. 

1-on-1 Sessions

These personal sessions allow for the greatest focus on skill development. Individual skills will be pinpointed and put to practice using a variety of uptempo drills. The focus of the session can range from individual skills (edges, conditioning, scoring etc.) to a combination of these skills to provide a more balanced session.

Team Sessions

These sessions are used to pinpoint and develop specific team needs. Game-situation drills and training techniques will be used to develop players individually as well as increase coherence and team chemistry. 

Group Sessions

Group sessions are typically delivered to no more than 6 skaters to allow for an optimum instructor/player ratio. An assortment of situational drills will be used to best simulate an in-game environment. To allow for development and practice in game situations, a goalie will always be on-ice for these sessions.

Game Analysis

Through the use of proven scouting techniques, an in-depth analysis of a player's game performance will be used to create a comprehensive report on their strengths and areas for improvement. Recommendations and next steps will be delivered through video analysis or an in-person consultation with the player.

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